The Youth´s scores are a mix of electronic and orchestral arrangements. Always trying to bring something different and original to every project he has worked on, he also strives to remain truthful to the director´s unique vision.

Film works:

Picnic (2010) short

The Acrobat (2012) short

Safari (2014) short

Badland (2015) docudrama

Dredd “Halls of Justice” (2015) video game

The Writer's Burrow (2015) Feature film

The Other kids (2016) documentary

Maus (2017) Feature film

Letters to Morrissey (2017)

Advertising works:

Tali campaign (2011)

Madrid Ferrari "Opening store campaign" (2012)

Coach Legacy winter campaign: Starring: Helen Lindes (2012)

Coach Online campaign: "La Gioconda Pop Art" (2013) (Music editor/supervisor)

Coach "opening store campaign" (2013)

Group H Christmas campaign “A year in 2 min 14 sec” (2014)

Group H “Turning ten” campaign (2015)


Hourglass (music for live dance act) 2016

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